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Trade order management


You can use trade orders and trade order management in FA to handle trading in your portfolios. While you can also enter transactions directly into FA after a trade has happened, with trade orders you can track the entire flow from an intention to buy or sell to an actual transaction.

You can use multiple statuses on your trade orders, which makes it easy for you to track the status and do the tasks you wish to carry out at each of the stages. Such tasks might involve for example requesting and receiving payment, checking that the trade orders do not breach any limits set on the portfolio and sending the trade order to a trading venue for execution in the markets.

Here is an example of a trade order flow from placing a trade order all the way to execution:


While using trade orders for your trading activities is optional, some features in FA always create trade orders. For example rebalancing helps you to make the correct trades on the market by creating trade orders to balance your portfolios so that their allocation is matching their models.