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FA Developer

You can tailor FA system and applications to suit your business needs. In this document, you can learn about the ways to customize FA:

  • Automation and workflows allow you to automate your tasks with business rules and design workflows runnable in FA system. Business rules are managed in FA Back. Workflows are created in FA Developer app.

  • UI and data fields allows you to add fields for storing the data, calculate custom values in FA and use these figures in reports or view them as columns in Analytics+. Custom profiles and analytics fields are defined in FA Back.

  • Integrations allow you to manipulate data from FA Back or route data from and to the FA platform. API integrations are built with GraphiQL in FA Developer app. File integrations are handled in the FA Developer app.

  • Reporting tools allow you to create customized reports and data analyses based on the data available in the FA system. Report development and data analysis are carried out in FA Developer app.

  • Customize FA Client Portal allows you to make changes to FA Client Portal – an open-source app for your clients to view and manage their investments.

Along with the written instructions in the sections listed above, you can find more information in the video recordings of developer webinars organized by FA experts: see the Webinar recordings section.


Prerequisite knowledge or experience:

  • Basic knowledge of FA Platform as a user.

  • Technical competency, including:

    • Programming experience (Java/Groovy, HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

    • Working with APIs.