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The reconciliation feature allows you to:

  • Compare account balances and position data from an external source (for example, your custodian or a bank) with the data in the FA system to identify the mismatches. You can carry out reconciliation in FA Operations (recommended) or in FA Back. FA Operations is a newer app that gradually replaces FA Back for operations-related functionality.

    For reconciliation instructions in FA Operations, see Reconciliation. For reconciliation instructions in FA Back, see Create a reconciliation file and Reconcile a portfolio.

  • Export positions from FA to reconcile or update data in another FA instance, or in a third-party system. For instructions, see Export positions from FA.

Reconciliation flow in the FA system

The reconciliation flow in the FA system includes the following stages:

  1. Obtain position or cash balance data from the bank or custodian.

  2. Upload the file or transfer it to the FA system automatically. For uploading the data in FA Operations, see Set up data sources. For uploading the data from M2Wealth and reconciling it in FA Back, see M2 Wealth.

  3. View the reconciliation result in the FA system. See Reconciliation in FA Operations documentation if you use FA Operations app, or Reconcile a portfolio in FA User guide if you use FA Back.

  4. Fix mismatches by correcting transaction information.