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Task management

Tasks view allows you to manage, monitor and control your tasks in FA: Tasks view provides you with tools to manage different kinds of tasks that are scheduled to be done or have already been done.

Selecting shown tasks

Tasks view consists of two task listings, allowing you to flexibly decide which task lists you want to view.


First, select the task list you want to view from the task list options.

In addition, you can filter the task list to easily find the task you are looking for. You can also choose to Hide overdue tasks, or tasks with a due date earlier than today, in order to only see upcoming tasks.

Finally, you can Limit shown tasks to 100, 1 000, 10 000 or 100 000 to only see the defined number of newest tasks within the selected task list, or choose No limit to be able to view all available tasks.

Your selection of the task listings, filtering, and other selections you make are remembered for the next time you log in - the tasks lists are opened with the content you were using the previous time.

Viewing tasks

The task with the task listings are shown in date order to show the most relevant task first: open tasks show the next upcoming task first, and completed tasks show the latest completed task first.

The individual tasks are listed with the title defined for the task, with a task icon corresponding with the type defined for the task. Underneath the title, the description of the task is shown together with the linked customer(s), the priority of the task and a date. For open tasks, the date shows the due date, and for completed tasks, the complete date of the task is shown. The date also determines, which icon is shown to remind about the date in the after the descriptions. Finally, the assignee of the task is shown at the end.

Clicking a task opens the selected task as a new tab on the Tasks view, and allows you to modify, schedule or assign the task or mark the task as done when completed. Similarly, clicking a linked customer from the task list opens the customer information as a new tab on the Tasks view.

At the bottom of the task list, the button Search customers searches for the customers linked to the visible tasks and shows the search result as a list of customers on the Customers view (available if permission to use the Customers view).

You can create new tasks either from the the Tasks view, Customers view, or Dashboard's tasks widget through selecting the type of the task to be created from the New... button, or tasks can be created by different processes defined for you in FA.

Task list options

You can select to view either your own, your team's or all open or completed tasks with the following options:

Open tasks

My tasks

Tasks assigned to me

Tasks assignable to me (unassigned in my user role)

Tasks assigned to me

Only tasks directly assigned to me

Tasks created by me

Tasks created by me

My team's tasks

Tasks assigned to me

Tasks assignable to me (unassigned in my user role)

Tasks assignable to me but assigned to someone else

All tasks

All tasks (assigned and unassigned)

Completed tasks

My completed tasks

Done tasks assigned to me

My team's completed tasks

Done tasks assigned to me

Done tasks originally assignable to me (assignable to my user role)

All completed tasks

All done tasks (unassigned or assigned to anyone)

The selections can be chosen as above, or they can be chosen per certain time period. Times can either define the due dates of open tasks or the dates tasks were completed.

Time due

... due today

Tasks dated for today and before (overdue tasks)

... due tomorrow

Tasks dated for tomorrow and before (today's tasks and overdue tasks)

... due this week

Tasks dated for the next 7 days (including today) and before (overdue tasks)

Time completed

... today

Tasks completed today

... this week

Tasks completed within the previous 7 days

... this month

Tasks completed within the previous 30 days

... this year

Tasks completed within the previous 365 days