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You can

  • Export data as PDF or XLS from tables.

  • Generate standard reports based on client’s positions and transactions.

    You can also define the reporting time or time period and mass-generate these reports

  • Send reports via email to your customers.

  • Build static and dynamic PDF report templates.

  • Build report templates based on queries.

  • Send emails and SMS messages to your customers.

  • Create and send MiFIR transaction reports according to the ESMA standard

  • Create FATCA and CRS/DAC2 (Finnish schema) reports on accounts scope

Exporting data as XLS or PDF

The easiest way to get data out of the FA is to export the contents of the views.

All Search views, such as Overview, Contacts, Portfolios, Securities, Transactions, Trade Orders, Positions, Analytics + or Queries, allow you to export the contents of the tables available in the view.

Export data as XLS or PDF

Standard report generation

Generate reports for portfolios