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Applications in FA Platform


FA Platform consists of applications designed for different types of users for different purposes. We have grouped our applications under “business”, “development”, and “administration”, providing more context to the purpose of each application.

Users can access the applications they need to conduct their daily work. They can navigate between the applications through the global app bar on the left.

To learn more about the individual applications in FA Platform, see Applications.

Structure of FA Platform


Overall, the structure of FA Platform includes a lot more than just the client-facing applications.

Below the application level, the structure of FA Platform includes micro-services. Micro-services can’t be directly accessed by the users, but they do their work in the background. Micro-services break down the underlying business and calculation logic to smaller pieces, handling the background operations for the client-facing applications.

On top of the application layer, between the users and the applications, we have the Standard Solution. Standard Solution provides a standard set of configurations and settings that follow our best practices. It makes standard functionality available pre-configured and ready to be used.

To learn more about the architecture of FA Platform, see Architecture.