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Tasks and workflows

Workflows are custom processes that you can create to suit your business needs. For example, you can create a workflow to onboard a customer by showing a web form and collecting the information you need. To learn more about designing and launching workflows, see Workflows FA Developer guide.

A workflow can feature tasks that require actions from the FA users – for example, if an advisor has to fill in a form together with the client or call a client to clarify some details.

To view the workflow tasks that are running in the system, click tasks_and_worflows_button.png in the Global app bar on the left.  


You can manage the workflow tasks:

  • View tasks. You can group the tasks by the workflow name or by the assignee. If a task has a due date, it is shown on the task card. To open the workflow model, click open_workflow_model.png.

  • Assign a workflow task to a user. If a workflow task can be assigned to a user, you can see the Assign button on the workflow card.

  • Complete a task assigned to you. To complete a task assigned to you, click tasks_and_worflows_button.png on the task card.